Pilsbry DEATH Partition Sector


Windows version released! (21st January 2002)

Partition Sector is a Bomberman-style game which supports up to five players on the same PC. It is based on a 1995 Amiga game called Masterblaster, which at the time was one of the best multiplayer games in existence. It contains all the features from Masterblaster, and adds extra powerups (including rocket launcher and flamethrower), improved special effects, and a high level of customizability.

PSector screenshot

Download PaRTiTioN SeCToR

PaRTiTioN SeCToR for Windows (version 0.90) - 2.45Mb

PaRTiTioN SeCToR for DOS (version 0.85) - 2.41Mb

Hardware/Software requirements

The game should run pretty well on most Pentium-class PCs. If you get poor performance, you can reduce the colour depth to 256 colours. For more information on PC requirements and any other information read the file psector.txt after downloading the game.

Revision History

Started on: 9th March 1998
Released on: 4th September 1999
Windows version released: 21st January 2002

Things that may be added in future versions (if demand is sufficient):

0.90	20th January 2002

0.87    23rd March 2000

0.86    10th February 2000
0.85    3rd September 1999
0.84    16th August 1999
0.83    20th July 1999
0.82    24th June 1999
0.81    9th June 1999
0.80    30th May 1999
0.75    20th May 1999
0.74    8th May 1999
0.73    6th May 1999
0.72    1st May 1999

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