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I might not be much good at drawing, but give me some time with the special effects in Paint Shop Pro and I can make anything look good... Some of these images I used to use for my desktop background.

As with most stuff on this site, this was all done around 1998 when I was about 19

Hold the mouse pointer over an image to see the name of the masterpiece.

Plasma (I didn't draw this one myself, it was made by a program I found)
'Art 3'
'Quake Wallpaper'
'The Pentagram Says Hi There!'
'The Rising Sun'
'Whoa, like, far out, man'


A piece of concept art for a game idea I had called Fatal Alliance. The game was going to have an X-COM feel to it, with several different races of alien. Here's the first, named the "Eye-Clops". Fear him!

Other pictures

A screenshot from my 'Jokegame' adaption of Elite II: Frontier. Not one of the best jokes in Jokegame. I'll have to try and find a better one.

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