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I might not be much good at drawing, but give me some time with the special effects in Paint Shop Pro and I can make anything look good... Some of these images I used to use for my desktop background.

Hold the mouse pointer over an image to see the name of the masterpiece.

Plasma (I didn't draw this one myself, it was made by a program I found)
'Art 3'
'Quake Wallpaper'
'The Pentagram Says Hi There!'
'The Rising Sun'
'Whoa, like, far out, man'


A piece of concept art for a game idea I had called Fatal Alliance. The game was going to have an X-COM feel to it, with several different races of alien. Here's the first, named the "Eye-Clops". Fear him!

Other pictures

A screenshot from my 'Jokegame' adaption of Elite II: Frontier. Not one of the best jokes in Jokegame. I'll have to try and find a better one.

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